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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

South Beach Miami

Two types of Real Estate Available for sale at THE SETAI


New club ownership program that enables you to enjoy SETAI living for $300,000 Alone or as a group one can purchase Club Suites and use them almost anytime (subject to reservations) and for free. It's like owning part of a hotel. The suites are used exclusively by club owners, so there is no rental program. When you buy an ownership you can sell it later on. The suites range in size to as large as 1,200 square feet with rooftop garden and spa. THE SETAI is the epitome of island paradise luxury living. There are four hundred SETAI employees to serve about one hundred SETAI guests. Try finding that anywhere else on South Beach.


Hotel condos that start at $675,000. When you buy one of these you own a single unit, and you can put it into the hotel rental program. Indulge below:


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