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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Open House November 28 2006

The Elizabeth located at 632 15th St.

There is no building in the South Beach area or anywhere on Miami Beach like it. No rehab required, everything from the roof to the original sewer lines have been replaced. Every window is high impact hurricane proof set in concrete not wood frame. Two combined one bedrooms and six separate. Approx. 6,000 sq. ft. The owner has spared no expense creating the ambience of this pleasure to show property. A custom aluminum security fence secures 2 driveways, enough for three cars to park inside.

Listed at $3,500,000


Anonymous MH said...

For those "migrating" from Dade County to Broward be sure to check out the amazing Lauderhill real estate. It may be hard to part with South Beach living but the beach, nightlife and shopping are only a 30-minute drive away.

4:01 PM  

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